A destination wedding in Paros or Antiparos Island.

How can I describe with words all the thoughts and the images that are flooding my mind writing this title?

What’s the first thought when a couple asks for availability for their destination wedding in Paros?For me Paros island is the unique light, the golden fields, the Aegean breeze in my face and the authentic people that always with a smile on their face are willing to help you.
For me as wedding videographer filming weddings in Paros is not a job.Filming a wedding in Paros is a blessing.We don’t consider ourselves just as wedding videographers that just come to film another wedding.We are becoming part of your special day and we live with you all the excitement and the emotions that are born on this day.We capture the invisible, the love in the air, the feelings that are reflected on your faces the happiness in your eyes when you looking each other..that’s is all about ..its all about feelings!
Let me describe to you a scene.Imagine a beautiful location by the sea,the time 19:00 and the sun starts going down, the sky above Paros is already changing colors and a breeze hits gently on our faces,the groom is standing at the top of the small hill that the ceremony will take place and behind him all the guests,suddenly 2 people start getting in the scene,is the bride and her father walking down the aisle…you can imagine the rest but..have you ever noticed the spark in their eyes when they see each other for the first time as bride and groom?How powerful emotional moment ..full of love and happiness..yes this is what i want to capture with my camera.

A wedding video is a process of love.The amount of hours from our lives that we put in this are A LOT.Money is not our motivation, we consider ourselves artists, we love what we do, we do great films for great people.
We also believe that a wedding video is a bag of diamonds, strong feelings that you can have in your pocket.Our goal is simple,every time you take your mobile out of your pocket in order watch your wedding video our goal is this video to bring tears of happiness in your eyes and create new thoughts that are born from the memories of that day which are captured in the video.Let’s capture the happiness of this day forever.

Planning a destination wedding in Paros Island is not an easy task but as we already know all good things in life don’t come easy. For example finding a nice wedding venue in Paros or a villa to have your wedding in Paros that fits in your needs is a big deal.A wedding planner or an event planner in Paros is a must have.Of course if you like you can organize everything by yourself but at the end of the day the extra help that a wedding planner can provide to you is priceless.The wedding planner will guide you in order to find the best wedding videographer and photographer in Paros among other vendors.We as wedding filmmakers we like to work with the wedding planners because everything is well organized on the wedding day and that give us the opportunity to be more creative and not spend our valuable time to arrange things and looking for information.

As wedding videographers being in Paros so many times for destination weddings we can say for ourselves that we know the island like our hand.We know all the good spots.Also we strongly believe that good results come with good teams.For me it’s easy to become part of a team,i am a team player as they say.Through the years i have worked with all the local wedding vendors in Paros and of course many others that visit the island to do weddings. Working with a good wedding photographer for example is very important. We are together all day long, starting with the wedding preparations and finishing at the wedding party.

Paros island have so many options, so if you are thinking of having a pre-wedding party,a rehearsal dinner or even a boat trip in the Aegean you don’t think twice.Limanaki (small port) area which is located in town of Naoussa is a perfect spot for your rehearsal dinner,pre wedding party or even for your wedding party.In this small piece of land you will find three restaurants Barbarossa Paros, Sigi Ikthios Paros and Mario Paros.If you decide to have your wedding in this spot you can book one of them or all of them for your wedding reception.Words can’t describe this experience but our videos can.
If you are looking for more privacy you can book a villa to have your wedding.There are many wedding villas in Paros that can accommodate your wedding ceremony and reception.

Last but not least,the wedding vendors.Through your wedding planner you can find many experienced wedding vendors in Paros such as a makeup artist,a wedding photographer,a wedding videographer etc.All these people together will combine their forces in order to make your day more special.

Among all these let’s don’t forget the beautiful island of Antiparos which is located 10 minutes by boat from Paros.So having your wedding in Antiparos is like having your wedding in Paros.All the wedding vendors in Paros will be happy to come and provide their services there. Antiparos island is a more private kind of area with many villas which some of them owned by respectable people like the famous actor Tom Hanks who loves this small island of Greece.In Antiparos you will find a fantastic venue by the sea called Beach House,definitely worth a look.

All the above are written by me from the heart and not from a professional writer.So please dont judge me too hard..after all i am a wedding filmmaker who is trying to put some words together in order to share with you my experience working in Paros and give you some tips.Through my videos you can discover more about this beautiful island.Thank you for spending your time reading this and i hope you will spend more time watching my videos.

See you in Paros!!!