Destination weddings around the world and how Greece made it to top choice

Soon after the cheers fade-out over numerous drafts of guest-lists, the very moment a couple announces their wedding it is met with THE big question.


This is no longer when but where.


Back in the 60s, as the previous generation inherited term “jet-set” indicates, to fly was some achievement given the fact that a 2.200 mile flight, let’s say NY to Vegas, was nearly the equivalent of two times the average monthly salary. The exact same flight nowadays is offered for an average of 90 bucks…

Thus the chances for a couple of young Americans today are to organize an overseas trip as a guest-gift rather to book the upper east-side five-star gourmet restaurant. An exotic and much-much cheaper destination offers a unique sensational lifetime experience with the same bill-sheet for the father in law…


Thereby in a small -and “lonely”- planet a new theatre of silent battles emerged from nowhere to everywhere between countries, counties, cities and islands. All over the world everyone fights over a piece of the wedding cake that seems to inflate just for the brightest… Latin America? Europe? Vegas? Venice? Lake Como? Greek islands? There are dozens of them to choose…

It is well known that during the examined period, Greece became a distinguished club-member of the world’s premium wedding destinations’ league. However, we surely cannot focus on any specific reason. A brief mention to a bunch of them sounds rather easier.

First of all, it’s not only the mystical aura but the astonishing beauty and the variety of the Greek landscapes. Greece comes with a huge competitive advantage. One destination that combines a bouquet of limitless choices concerning landscapes, cultural differences, even local cuisines, just miles away one from each other…


It goes without saying that Greece has been a tourism oriented economy even from the early sixties gaining thus a tremendous expertise in premium high quality services, hotels, facilities and everything that comes with it. But due to the ‘08 economic crisis, Greece was forced for nearly a decade to apply a never-seen before downscale, lowering already low prices and raising already high provisions to the tourist/visitor. That’s why it was both inevitable and necessary for this broken economy to discover and readily grab an opportunity such as the destination weddings developing market. Therefore, the next generation of highly educated and competitive professional experts came in to fill every gap in this industry, to begin with wedding planners, specialized vendors and facilities, wedding florists, hand-craft artisans and to continue with DJ’s, photographers, cinematographers and so on.



No wonder that some of them during this turbulent decade became international leaders in their field of expertise. The same more or less happened to the whole country.


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